Friends’ Central Perk Coffee Shop to Open in Toronto

The highly iconic Central Perk Coffee Shop, the hangout place of the ever popular Friends sitcom that starred Jennifer Aniston and Matthew Perry, among others, is said to be opening its doors soon in Toronto.

The replica of the café will reportedly open on King West, although there is no confirmed address yet. The people behind the project, however, are promising a June 24 opening date.

These pop-ups aren’t exactly new. Some have already surfaced in Manhattan, Sydney and Shanghai in the past year alone. The Toronto version said it would have a “meticulously detailed” recreation of the experiences of the characters in the show.

There would be the familiar orange couch, the barista named Gunther, pastries, donuts and coffee.

There will reportedly be a sing-a-log to Phoebe’s Smelly Cat, some Friends scripts and memorabilia, as well as photo ops and music.

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