Top 10 Arcade Bars in Toronto

Toronto has found itself in the middle of a time warp, it seems. Toronto nightlife is mixing alcoholic drinks with the fun of playing arcade games, and we couldn’t ask for anything better than that. Of course, at the end of the night, you have to leave the childish bubble of PacMan and Mario Kart, and foot the bill. These arcade bars are the best fusion of the past and present.

Here are the top 10 bars that offer arcade games in Toronto:

Get Well

Located in Dundas West, the bar offers a huge selection of games— Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Galaga, Frogger, Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Jr., Ms PAC-MAN, Tetris, Centipede, Star Wars, Dig Dug, and a couple of pinball machines.


The games at May include six locally-developed games—Gesundheit (the most popular), Spring, Karate Champ, Q Ball Wizard, foosball, and pool tables. If you’re really good at Karate Champ, go and play here. Once you get your name on the leaderboard, you get a free drink.


If you’re ever at Little Italy, head over to Nightowl for the games and a little bit of the upscale pub grub. The games here are composed of Big Buck Hunter, Whack-a-Mole and more. Aside from offering cocktails, the bar also has virgin drinks for designated drivers.

Wolf Like Me

Located near Christie Pits, this bar has a collection of games that includes Big Buck Hunter II and a multi-game console with 60+ games such as PAC-MAN and Galaga. Go here if you’re ready for the second edition of the Big Buck Hunter.

Junction City Music Hall

This is an underground music venue that also offers an array of arcade games. Here, you can get your hand on Super Chexx Bubble Hockey, Galaga, Ms. PAC-MAN, Street Fighter II, WWF Superstars, Bubble Bauble, a 30-in-1 classic arcade game cabinet, and a variety of pinball tables.

Dundas Video

This bar has incredibly topnotch focus on a collection of about 500 games such as the complete Street Fighter collection, Simpsons Arcade, Turtles in Time, Hit The Ice, Final Fight and more. You may also play expensive app like The Simpsons: Tapped Out here.

Apt. 200

This bar has a fancy décor but keeps the retro vibe by offering a variety of games such as Street Fighter, NBA JAM and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Hi-Lo Bar

East siders would love the Hi-Lo Bar, especially with games like Big Buck Hunter, a Kiss-themed pinball machine, and a PAC-MAN flat top with more than 60 games.

Blnd Tger

This Little Italy lounge has both a bottle service and arcade games. The collection includes Time Crisis 3, PGA Tour Golf Team Challenge, a standup multi-game console with Galaga, PAC-MAN and more. There’s also a PAC-MAN pinball machine.


Located underground, this drinking hole features Star Wars pinball, 80s classics like Donkey Kong, Ms PAC-MAN, 1942 and more, and a multi-game console with approximately 2000 games including all the old Street Fighters.

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